Zac Efron’s ‘Iron Claw’ Body Exposes Hidden Dangers Of Extreme Muscle Gain

Piling on the muscle has become a rite of passage for pretty much every leading man in Hollywood; from Chris Hemsworth’s ludicrous pump-up for his many turns as Thor to Joel Kinnaman’s refreshing frankness about the presence of “Vitamin T” in the industry, if you want to be a star you’ve got to be jacked.

However, it has been revealed that this trend could be exposing actors and fans alike to a whole host of increasingly dangerous health risks, brought on by ill-managed and mihdnerstood efforts to get as big as their idols. Fitness experts from Set For Set, though more attuned to the potential aesthetic benefits of bulking than many of us mere mortals, have shed light on these unexpected risks.

WATCH: Zac Efron & Jeremy Allen White Look Absolutely Ripped In ‘The Iron Claw’ First Trailer

Put simply, the experts believe that if you want to hit the gym, better yourself, and gain a few pounds, you should absolutely go for it. However, “unless you’re an actor or a professional bodybuilder, there is no practical reason to put your body under that much pressure and stress, as it can lead to catastrophic results that cannot always be easily reversed.”

What exactly are these results? Well, they’re even worse than this writer had imagined…

“Some of the significant side effects of bulking done wrong are unwanted fat gain, high cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer.”Set For Set

Terrifying as those risks undeniably are, there’s a mental health aspect to all of this too which shouldn’t be overlooked. Pointing out that Efron himself has in the past commented on how bulking while preparing for a role can be taunting — revealing that while training for his character in Baywatch, his mental health was adversely affected — they explain:

“Pushing both your body and mind to the extreme to achieve unattainable results can be damaging in the long run, and to “become bigger” can become an unhealthy obsession.”Set For Set

Last but certainly not least, the experts also highlight the fact that maintaining this kind of body can actually be a lot more gruelling than achieving it in the first place: “Bulking is just the first of three stages of bodybuilding, the second one is cutting, meaning to decrease the body’s fat levels, while the last one is maintenance, to retain your muscle growth and provide adequate time for your body to adapt to your muscle growth and physical transformation.”

“While in this case the transformation was done for one single movie and it can be slowly and efficiently reversed, if your goal is to preserve this lifestyle, individuals might find it challenging to sustain the required level of calorie intake, leading to a yo-yo effect where they cycle between extreme bulking and cutting phases.”Set For Set

While we never want to put people off chasing their dreams and making a positive change, this is your sign to take a moment and consider whether the body you’re chasing is really worth the hassle…

A Bit More About ‘The Iron Claw’

In case you’ve been living under a rock in recent months, here’s a little more information about the movie in question…

The Iron Claw, directed by the talented Sean Durkin. Now, the first trailer has dropped and revealed an equally shredded Jeremy Allen White starring alongside Efron, playing his much-loved if troubled brother.

As reported by Variety, the film depicts the lives of two wrestling legends: Efron embodies wrestler Kevin Von Erich — known as the “Golden Warrior” — and a pivotal member of the renowned Von Erich wrestling dynasty. Sharing the spotlight is Jeremy Allen White, who steps into the shoes of Kerry Von Erich, Kevin’s brother and a heavyweight division competitor.

Adding depth is Holt McCallany who portrays Fritz Von Erich, the father of Kevin and Kerry. Fritz was a three-time world champion in the wrestling arena. The film delves into the intricate lives of the Von Erich family, depicting the captivating rise and fall of this influential family. The main cast is rounded out by the likes of Lily James, Maura Tierney, Harris Dickinson, and Stanley Simons.

Before the trailer’s release, the film had already sent ripples of excitement across the internet with fans especially stunned by Efron’s physical transformation. Social media was abuzz with photos showcasing Efron’s impressive physique and a Von Erich-inspired bowl cut, which marked a massive departure from his incredibly lean Baywatch physique and slick, surf-ready haircut.

For Zac Efron, this film adds another dramatic biopic to his repertoire, following his role as Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Jeremy Allen White, known for his beloved television characters — including Philip Gallagher in Showtime’s Shameless and chef Carmy Berzato in FX’s The Bear — makes his debut in a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

Director of The Iron Claw, Sean Durkin, is no stranger to creating critically acclaimed psychological dramas. His previous works, including The Nest and Martha Marcy May Marlene, both of which premiered to much critical acclaim at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

While the Von Erich family is celebrated for their many wrestling accolades, their personal lives were marked by a series of heart-wrenching tragedies. Five of Fritz’s six sons tragically passed away before the age of 33, with three of them taking their own lives.

The Iron Claw is a collaborative effort between A24, BBC Films, House Productions, and Access Entertainment. Set to hit US cinemas on December 22nd and Australian screens shortly thereafter, it promises to be a flesh-heavy cinematic romp that you won’t want to miss.

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